Fruits & Vegetables Slicer


  • green
  • Watermelon Slicer
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Fruits & Vegetables Slicer

Designed for slicingwatermelon.cantaloupe.honeydew.pineappleandmore. this high-quality.Fruits and Vegetables Slicerfeaturesdurable.stainlesssteel blades that slice smoothly through the thickest. toughest melon skins!The easy-grip handles allow you to keep your hands safely away from thestainless steel cutting blades. This unique slicer is much faster and morecomfortable to use than a traditional knife and it cuts 12 perfect slices inone simple motion!

Once you usethisFruits and Vegetables’llnever use a regular knife to slice fruits and veggies again!


Color & Type

green, Watermelon Slicer, white


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